Over the years of working on various projects, we have amassed a lot of experience. Now we share our expert knowledge with people, institutions and enterprises by conducting workshops with specialists in various fields of science, participating in public-private partnership dialogue, performing absorptiveness analyses, examining real estate investment opportunities, sitting on juries of architectural competitions.


Some investors still believe that inviting designers to cooperate before the actual design begins is a waste of energy and resources. They couldn’t be more mistaken. It is at this stage that it is worth collecting as much information as possible, which will later translate into measurable benefits. This is the time to make the best decisions.

We will help you obtain zoning and land development conditions.

We will check how you can adapt a plot, a house or a flat to changing needs.

We will analyze the plot in terms of investment opportunities. We are fluent in technical and legal conditions, we think about investment stages and environmental aspects. We will read the documents to discuss the applications with you.


We are not afraid to ask future users for opinions – as part of social consultations, meetings with institutions, design workshops.

Participation is particularly important in urban issues, when the shape of space is influenced by all future users with different needs: activists, local governments, conservation offices, road builders and many other groups. The project is a final stage of a fascinating process.